lifeinfoweb - anxeity attack
lifeinfoweb - anxeity attack

Anxiety” is described in the Oxford English Dictionary as “a nervous feeling caused by the fear that something bad is going to happen and worrying without reason”.

This is a very common condition in those who are unable to assimilate and absorb stress either at work or at home and has been plaguing many, but to treat the condition, it needs to be diagnosed early and the appropriate medication was taken.

Anxiety in its normal condition is something anyone could undergo and it does not mean that every time you feel a sense of anxiety, it is an alarm to go and see the doctor it could be a normal condition and nothing to think or worry much about.

It is only when you are constantly plagued by such a condition and every little thing happening around you draw’s you to fear the consequences of it, that a problem which should be treated by medication would arise.

If you are unable to comprehend and solve little problems that we encounter in our daily lives which could be easily solved with some wisdom and common sense but you see it as a very big issue and happen to worry extremely about it, then you could have an anxiety problem.

A possible anxiety attack could project two types of symptoms, one which could be emotional or mental and the other could be physical symptoms, where one would be entirely different from the other.

We look here at the possible physical symptoms that would indicate whether you or anyone close to you, would be suffering from an anxiety attack, in which immediate medical attention would be advised.

#1. Palpitation

lifeinfoweb - SYMPTOMS OF ANXIETY-Palpitation

Unusual increases in a heartbeat even when resting or not exercising, which would be a regular issue when you are excited about anything happening around you, which could be many things from a minor to a major issue.

#2. Migraine

lifeinfoweb - SYMPTOMS OF ANXIETY-Palpitation -SYMPTOMS OF ANXIETY- Migraine

Constant headaches, especially when there is an issue at hand that would need your attention to either be carried out or to be solved by very common decisions that you had handled earlier but now unable to do so and it worries you.

#3. Diarrhea

lifeinfoweb  -SYMPTOMS OF ANXIETY- Diarrhea

The urge to relieve yourself every time some issue crops up which would need your attention, things that are quite simple which you would have encountered before but now it is seen as a big problem by you.

#4. Dizziness

lifeinfoweb   - SYMPTOMS OF ANXIETY-Dizziness

The slightest excitement causes a feeling of dizziness and you are unable to stand and need to sit down as you fear that you may drop down, which could be a constant issue every time you are expected to handle a very benign issue.

#5. Unusual urination

lifeinfoweb - SYMPTOMS OF ANXIETY-Unusual urination

The urge to urinate every time you are faced with a very mundane issue that would need your attention or would crome your way which would be very small chores or decisions that your attention would be needed.

#6. Trembling

lifeinfoweb - SYMPTOMS OF ANXIETY-Trembling

Unusual trembling even when the news or issue at hand is not one that should cause such a situation in you, especially when you are prone to such a condition on a regular basis and uncontrolled trembling in the hand or body occurs.

#7. Loss of sleep

lifeinfoweb - SYMPTOMS OF ANXIETY-Trembling-

Regular insomnia and always worrying of something that needs no worrying at all under normal conditions but you feel that it is something that you are expected to handle and unable to do so, and due to that a constant loss of sleep.

#8. Breathing difficulties

lifeinfoweb - SYMPTOMS OF ANXIETY-Breathing difficulties

Loss of breath which would be triggered when you are pushed to attend to some issue or called upon to handle or decide on something which would be a normal run of the mill problem and this causes such a condition in you.

#9. Cramps or muscle twitches

lifeinfoweb - SYMPTOMS OF ANXIETY-Cramps or muscle twitches

Cramps and muscle twitches that would occur when a very small issue is brought to your notice and when your attention is needed which could a very minute issue but you feel that the world is on you, and that triggers such a problem.

#10. Sweating profusely

lifeinfoweb - SYMPTOMS OF ANXIETY-Cramps or muscle twitches- SYMPTOMS OF ANXIETY-Sweating profusely

Unusual sweating when told about a thing that has happened or you are notified of it and for purposes would be an issue that would be so small which would not require such a reaction from you, especially if the issue is a minor one.

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Some simple remedies to counter anxiety attacks

The above are just a few physical symptoms that should draw your attention to the problem of anxiety and it does not mean that if you are faced with such issues a doctor would be the answer.

On your own you could try to solve the issues by trying in your own way to tackle them, one could be by changing your lifestyle, for instance meeting up with friends after work, if you are pressurized with work overloads.

Talking to your family more than what you would normally do or taking the kids out more often, catch a movie more frequently than you would normally do.

Such slight variations in your lifestyle could take the stress of work away if that would be your problem but if it is a problem at home ensure you spend more time at home without running away from the issues.

You could also try a very simple exercise and that would be by closing your eyes and counting your breath up to ten slowly in a relaxed manner and that you could do anywhere.

If the issue at hand is a major one and you are faced with a situation bordering on an anxiety attack and you know what you would be encountering, sit down and try to relax for a few minutes and shut yourself off from the surroundings.

You could also try some meditation every day in the morning where you could relax your mind prior to starting your day and these are just a few things that you could try out if you are constantly prone to any of the above physical symptoms but if it persists seeing a doctor would be advisable.

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