10 Signs That Your Kidneys Aren’t Working Properly !!

Kidneys failure

Today I have for you 10 signs that may indicate you have kidney damage or even chronic kidney disease, now this article is for people who are not sure if they have kidney damage but please everyone understands that just because you may have one or more of these symptoms does not guarantee that you have kidney damage there are a number of health issues that can cause these symptoms so the important thing is to talk to your doctor if you have any of these, now let’s get right to it.

1.Chest pain

That is caused by your kidneys not keeping up with removing fluid from your body and fluid can build up around your heart putting pressure and causing some chest pain

2.Shortness of breath 

This also is caused by fluid building up in your body and now it’s starting to collect in your lungs that an anemia makes it very easy for you to get out of breath from just the slightest amount of activity, and when I mean slight activity just getting up out of a chair and walking across the room could cause you to get out of breath 

3.Swelling of the hands feet and ankles 

This too is related to your kidneys not keeping up with the fluid level within your body so what’s going to happen is fluid and sodium are gonna build up and it’s gonna collect in your hands they’ll start swelling up look like you got stung by something the whole hand swells up your lower legs your ankles and your feet and they’re gonna swell up a lot 

You can take some diuretics to help your kidneys remove this fluid but this is an important one not to mask the issue make sure if you have fluid retention hand is swollen your lower legs your ankles your feet call your doctor let them know 

4.Fatigue and general weakness 

This is caused by a deficiency of your red blood cells so when your red blood cell count is low they’re not getting oxygen throughout your body and you’re going to get this fatigue, now the difference between fatigue and just being tired is when you’re tired you can go to bed or you can take a nap and wake up and you’ve got your energy with fatigue it doesn’t matter how much you sleep the energy just never comes back until you get your red blood cell count back up

5.Dry itchy skin 

This is also caused by an imbalance of minerals most often phosphorus it’s important to drink plenty of water to keep your skin healthy but if you have dry itchy skin don’t cover it mention it to your doctor 

6.Bad breath and a metallic taste in your mouth 

This is caused by a buildup of waste products and toxins in your blood known as uremia and that taste and that bad breath is an excess amount of ammonia

Some people may describe your breath as being fishy smelling and the difference between this and actually just bad breath you know halitosis is that you can’t brush this away you can brush and brush the smell is not going away the odor it’s not going away and your taste everything’s just gonna have that metallic taste and you’re probably gonna not want to eat as much and that could lead to malnutrition 

7.Trouble sleeping 

This also is caused by a buildup of toxins in your blood and typically what happens is you go to bed you’re tired and you can fall asleep but after a short amount of time may be just an hour hour and a half you’re wide awake and you can lay there for hours and not fall back asleep

it makes it very challenging to keep up with the stress of your job and daily life we all need a great night’s sleep to help our body recover and it gives us the energy we need to get through the next day 

8.Frequent headaches 

Again related to the buildup of toxins and wastes in your blood you’ll get a headache for no reason and you’ll want to reach for something don’t reach for non steroid anti-inflammatory drugs such as Advil ibuprofen Motrin avoid those you can try Tylenol but if the headaches they’re for no reason and it comes back frequently that’s a sign you got to mention to your doctor 

9.Back pain along with high temperature vomiting and urinating frequently

This is caused by swelling of your kidneys and your kidneys you’ll fill it, it’s in the lower part of your back just below your rib cage one kidney on each side they swell up cause your temperature to increase and are very likely to cause you to start vomiting now you can move and stretch but the pain just doesn’t go away that’s your kidneys screaming for help something’s wrong 

10.Puffy eyes 

This is an early sign of kidney damage and it’s caused by your kidneys leaking protein if you’re drinking plenty of water and getting plenty of sleep but in the morning your eyes are all puffed up mention that to your doctor

11.High blood pressure that is difficult to control 

Your kidneys have a direct impact on your blood pressure and what typically happens is when your kidneys are damaged your blood pressure is going to go up, and increase blood pressure causes more damage to your kidneys which increases your blood pressure more it’s a bad bad spiral just going downward, so if your blood pressure is difficult to control have a blood test to check your kidney function 

12.Changes in your urination 

It could be something as easy as a change of the frequency the color or the smell, most people with kidney damage are going to notice a change in color usually it starts getting a little rustier or tea like that’s caused by blood in your urine and sometimes there could be a lot of blood, in addition your urine could be foamy now normally when you pee there are bubbles that are very very normal foamy pee it comes out foamy it makes a lot of bubbles that come back two minutes later they’re still there and it may take multiple flushes to get all the bubbles out of the toilet

So there are our 12 signs that may mean not guarantee that you could have kidney damage if you have any of these symptoms talk to your doctor about it and ask them are there other medications or other health symptoms you have that could be causing it or do you need to do some blood to check your kidney function 

Be proactive most the time doctors don’t look for kidney damage until you show a lot of symptoms and you may also be in the very early stages of kidney disease where simple diet and lifestyle changes can help greatly slow down stop or even reverse that loss of kidney function and you want to catch it as early as possible