20 Reasons To Eat Healthy – Importance of Healthy Eating

healthy food

Everybody knows that they should eat healthier but sometimes you need a reason to do that or reason to take action. we’re going to go over the 20 reasons to start eating healthier now. 

1. It fattens your wallet. 

When I initially said that, people would say, “Wait a minute. It’s harder, it’s more expensive to eat healthier or organic.” But really what happens is, there’s are toll road going down life. 

There’s a doctor on this side and there’s a grocer on the other side and if you invest into the grocer and pay a little bit more at the beginning, what happens, you save gobs of money. 

There’s this research that just came out, for every dollar that you put into eating healthier, it saves about $3 in future medical expenses. 

So if you want to save money in the future, have a healthier retirement and a wealthier retirement, you start eating healthy now. 

2. An apple a day does keep the doctor away. 

And there is a study that came out of New Zealand that showed that teenagers and adolescence and people that just barely had gotten married, the healthier that they ate, they had a more feeling of calm, collected and cool as the end side of the pillow. 

3. It protects your bones. 

Now one of the saddest things that I see often is advanced osteoporosis where you get the buffalo humpback and you get the spine that starts to decrease, they call it osteoporosis and it’s so sad, or when people slip, either they break a hip or they fall down or they fall down and break a hip and if you eat healthier, it increases your bone strength so you don’t have bone problems later on. Trust me, you want to skip osteoporosis. 

4. It increases your sex hormone precursors. 

Now, sex is one of those things that are essential for life, it happens all the time and no one really wants to talk about it and in my community, which is really really religious, it’s kind of the forbidden topic but eating healthier helps the sex hormone precursors so that your testis and your ovaries and your thyroid and your adrenals, all of those hormones associated with health and vitality and stamina work better. 

5. For women, it’s your PMS cure. 

Now it’s not just an old wives’ tale, the healthier that you eat with your green leafy vegetables and when you sit down to eat, you should have a rainbow of colors on your plate, some reds, some greens, some purple, some orange. Skittles, Starbursts, and M&M’s don’t count, it has to be plant-based material. 

It decreases your cramps, it decreases endometriosis, it helps to decrease PCOS, it helps on all levels for female health to eat healthier now. 

6. It gives you an ironclad immune system.

Now, the immune system is the most important thing that we do to ward off infections and a healthy diet of green leafy vegetables, of colorful foods, of Vitamin C, of garlic, of cayenne.

I just heard about a protocol, when someone gets sick, they mix up some garlic, they mix up honey and cayenne and it nips infections in the bud. You are what you eat and it gives you an ironclad immune system to eat right. 

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7. It helps your DNA. 

If you have risk factors for MS or if you have risk factors for osteoporosis or peripheral neuropathy or eye disease, the healthier you eat, the better your genes are going to be.

8. It helps to reduce irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, malabsorption syndrome. 

You are what you eat or you are what you absorb and healthier that you eat and reducing junk food and trans fats, the better option that you are, the better option that you have for your GI system, which means, all around you’re healthy, you have energy, vitality, stamina and you decrease brain fog.

9. It makes your future children healthier. 

There’s a study that shows that pregnant moms, they have high doses of Omega-3 fatty acids have children that have higher IQ than moms that don’t supplement with essential fatty acids. 

10. It improves brain function.

Not only it will make your kids smarter but having the right types of seafood and the right types of healthy fat boosts your own IQ and your own ability to reason, to remember things, to not forget your keys, to not forget people’s names and so if you eat healthier now, it improves your brain function. 

11. The ultimate workout booster. 

We talked earlier about why exercise is so important but if you have the fuel for your body, it actually amplifies all of the beneficial effects of exercise. 

12. It chills you out. 

It’s a natural calmative. if you want to exacerbate your problem, if you have an anxiety, if you’re keyed up, or you’re having a really tough day, one of the worst things you can do is increase your sugar and your caffeine intake, your energy drink or caffeinated drink, if you instead have a green tea or green smoothie, it actually helps you to relax an you will be able to manage your fluctuating emotions. 

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13. It delivers healthy skin.

Now your appearance and how you feel about yourself is so important. When people have psoriasis or skin blemishes or skin acne, it really has an effect, not only on them but also their inner circle and the more that you like yourself, the more you can contribute and create the world and live your soul purpose. 

14. It helps your sex drive. 

People that are having consistent sex relations are happier, healthier and live longer than people that don’t. 

15. It helps insomnia. 

This is such a huge health care problem when people can’t shut off, they can’t rest, little woodpecker syndrome on their shoulder “What about this, what about this?” Or they can’t get into rapid eye movements sleep, they are not going to be healthier and eating right helps to get you to restorative sleep mode.

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16. It soothes sore muscles. 

Muscles need fuel to function, if you use up fuel and you don’t have healthy building blocks, what happens when we build up too much lactic acid, we get sore muscles and eating healthy now prevents sore muscles. 

17. It gives you energy. 

Eating healthy gives you energy and energy is so important not only for you being able to accomplish everything you want to do in life and your to-do list, and this is not an unrecognized medical diagnosis but I really believe that the reason why people get sick is they run out of energy.

And what happens when they run out of energy, they borrow proteins, they borrow amino acids and vitamins and minerals and fats from the tissue, thinking they’re going to pay it back when they get it through their diet, and if you’re not eating right, you can’t pay it back and it’s a robbed Peter to pay Paul.

Your whole body goes downhills so to improve and to increase your energy levels, I think that’s the number one step into preventing and correcting chronic disease. 


18. It reduces cravings.

the reason why people have craving syndrome where they will go out or have some candy or they’ll have some soda, or some caffeine or something is because their body is looking for something and if you’re eating healthy and alive foods and colorful foods, your body has those vital nutrients, it has amino acids, it has the healthy carbohydrates to run your system and you’re not going to go out snack on things if you’re eating healthy. 

19. It makes you faster. 

A faster runner, it makes you enjoy exercise more, it gives you the building blocks to really go out and use your body and if you don’t use it, you lose it and then your body starts to break down, if you’re eating healthy, you’ll be more inclined to use the body the way it’s supposed to and you’ll have a healthier, happier, and more productive life. 

20. It helps you to win in life. 

There’s a couple of really interesting studies where we fed kids marshmallows and we fed them healthy snacks and then we had them do exercises and we had them do brain games and the people that ate healthier performed almost at least 10% increased grade rate of those weren’t. What that means instead of being B students, if you’re eating healthy, you’re going to be an A student. 

There’s another study that shows that kids that were resistant to junk food actually ate healthy snacks versus marshmallows and candies. I actually had a much higher ACT and SAT score than those that don’t. 

So if you’re eating healthy, particularly if you’re a parent and you’re helping your kids eat healthier, it is going to allow them to win at life.