Natural Treatments for Depression and 5 Key Steps To Happiness

Depression is one of the biggest problems that affect millions of men and women, and even kids, across the globe.


The condition affects 4% of men and 8% women in the United States alone. The condition can make you feel helpless, but you can do a lot to prevent being a silent sufferer.


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Here are 5 natural ways to treat depression, and keep the problem at bay.




This popular Indian herb has been in use for hundreds of years for the treatment of various mental problems, such as depression.


This natural herbal treatment for depression boosts the mood by supporting the adrenal and thyroid glands, which offers the ability to adapt easily to stress.


The ancient herb is useful for relaxing the CNS (central nervous system) and reducing the symptoms of anxiety. It also works as a gentle sedative, and should best be taken prior to sleep time.




It makes you feel a major improvement in your overall well-being and not just a lift in the mood. It reduces stress levels by lowering the amount of the fight and flight hormone known as cortisol.


High levels of cortisol are associated with depression. The breathing techniques and postures in Yoga help calm down the mind and body and reduce worries.




With various techniques used by psychotherapists, such as Cognitive therapy, the negative thought patterns in patients are addressed and all the unwholesome thoughts and notions are challenged.


In this natural therapy treatment for depression, alternative ways are suggested to patients and the brain structure is altered in order to make patients feel more positive.


Trying new things


Often, depression is the result of boredom and not due to a deficiency of neurotransmitters or other physiological problems. This can be avoided by trying new things whenever you are feeling depressed, such as trying some new dance moves, reading a new book or going out to a museum.


When newer activities are taken up, chemical changes occur within the brain. The level of dopamine, an important brain chemical that is related to learning, enjoyment, and pleasure, is altered.


Music Therapy


You can also boost your mood by listening to upbeat music, as proven by a research conducted in Cochrane in 2008. This can be useful for curing depression in a natural way.


Sound baths are another popular way of treating depression and other problems through music therapy. This natural treatment for depression involves the use of instruments such as crystal bowls and metal gongs to create music to immerse patients in.


The 5 Key Steps To Happiness

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Life is more beautiful when happiness becomes part of it. They are 5 key areas that determine happiness which include relationships, community, health, career as well as finances.


The general well being of an individual depends on their satisfaction with each of the 5 main areas. Comprehensive research involving 150 countries done by a group of social analysts indicated that around 93% of people do struggle a lot to be happy and better their lives.


Their main mistake is the consistent concern for one area paying little or no attention to the remaining four. The fulfillment of the 5 key areas determines how much happiness one finds.


Here are the 5 steps to finding happiness;


Do what you love most


Your career or what you do on a daily basis should bring you fulfillment. The first thing you should consider is whether you love your career or not. Is it serving the purpose? What’s your relationship with the boss?


The biggest mistake people do is going for careers that don’t match their talents or hobby as a result one lacks fulfillment making it hard to find happiness from their jobs. Most hours are spent in the workplace until retirement and this why you might never know happiness if you are not happy with your job.


Do you have friends?


Friends play a key role in our lives. Most of them are a source of happiness. To be happy, you need to be more engaged with your friend’s thanks to the many established social platforms that enable you to reach your friends anytime.


Talking of friendship this also involves your relationship with close people for instance family and everyone else. How happy are you with your spouse or friends. If you are satisfied and proud of them, you will definitely find happiness.


Rich pickings


What’s your financial status? If you have enough money in your pocket to meet all your needs and those of others your general well-being will be good. Aiming at having financial security is far much better than being wealthy.


How is your physical health?


The condition of your health may determine if you stay happy or not. You can better your healthy by taking the right diets and engaging in healthy exercise. Getting quality sleep helps improve happiness a great deal.


Community spirit


Helping others is another way of bettering your life. If you got community interest at heart, you life will not only be good but great. Let the habit of giving back to the
community be part of you that way you will find happiness.