How to become a successful young woman

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Every woman at a young age wants to succeed both personally and professionally.


But the road to success can be tough and success requires you to be dynamic in many areas of your life. 


With determination and some useful tips, you will succeed, both in your own life and in your professional life.

Being Successful Personally

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Set goals


Before you succeed in your own life, it is good to set goals. By really defining what your goals are in the short, medium and long term, you will remember them more easily.


  • Write down your goals on paper. Having visual cues allows you to remember your goals and improve them. For example, you could write the following: “My short term goal is to find a good partner and finish my mastery. My medium-term goal is to get engaged and find a good job. My long-term goal is to get married and have a family while being a very good financial advisor. “
  • Review your goals. Reassess your goals once or twice a year, to make sure they are still realistic and possible.
  • Having unrealistic goals will unnecessarily cause you anxiety, but it will also hinder your success and your ability to evolve with other goals. Consider consulting a therapist who will help you achieve your personal goals and overcome anxiety
  • Have a list of things you need to do in order to pursue your goals. Whenever you reach a goal, check it on your list and add new items.

Be confident and believe that you will succeed


The two key aspects of a person’s success in life are that they not only have confidence in themselves but also believe in their potential to succeed. By growing your confidence in yourself and others, you head straight to the path of success.


  • Self-confidence can come from many sources, such as your academic background, your relationships…, If you lack confidence in some areas, take proactive steps to reinforce that belief.
  • It is important to know that even if you are confident. Overcoming failure is part of the equation.

Do not expect perfection from yourself or anyone else


If you want to reach your goals, be confident and believe in your success. You do not have to be perfect, your surroundings either. In fact, trying to be perfect has a negative influence on your behavior, but it also repels those around you.


  • Perfectionism does not mean you do not do your best, but you reach an unattainable goal. For example, if you are trying to have a “perfect” body, any minor failure can keep you from being happy. It is better to love yourself as you are and to progress gradually.
  • Hoping for perfection from others can seriously and negatively affect your relationships and even provoke breakups 

Engage in quality personal relationships


Surrounding yourself with true friends and colleagues who will support you in good times as in bad times is fundamental for success. It’s important to maintain long-term relationships to succeed and build your self-confidence.


  • Apart from the serious relationships you have with friends, colleagues and family members, it is also important to have a dedicated partner. A partner can build your self-esteem and help you achieve your goals and ensure your success from a personal and professional point of view.
  • What is important in quality relationships is that you also offer your partner support and love.

Take care of yourself, both physically and mentally


You can not succeed if you do not take care of your physical and mental health. Sport is a great way to get rid of stress. The practice of sport increases the release of endorphins and improves your energy performance.


  • Take a walk twice a day could refresh your body and mind. For example, a 5K run will allow you to reflect on your personal or business problems while providing your body the energy to be healthy.

Take control of your finances


It is difficult to succeed personally if your budget is not in order. By checking your financial profile, you can increase your self-esteem, but it can give you other opportunities, such as the desire to continue your education.


Being Successful Professionally

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Develop a plan and set goals


As you have done for your own life, you need to set yourself goals to succeed in your professional life. By concretely establishing what your goals are in the short, medium and long term, you will know what you are working for. It will also help you design a plan to achieve your goals.


  • Write down your goals on a piece of paper. It is good to have a visual reminder of your goals. 
  • Evaluate the level of achievement of your goals. Once or twice a year, re-evaluate your goals to make sure they are still realistic and achievable and choose other goals if possible. You can also discuss these goals with a colleague or your boss.
  • Do not choose unrealistic goals. 

Do as many training as you can


Having an education and vocational training is the ideal way to succeed professionally. But you must ensure that you continue your training during your career to be indestructible to your position or have value in the job market in case you change jobs.


  • There are many ways to progress in your job. It’s a good idea to look to meet the demands of your profession. For example, if you want to become a university professor, you will need a Ph.D. and other additional training. On the other hand, if you want to become a wedding planner, you will need to do further training in the field.

Have a firm assurance that you will succeed professionally


The two fundamental aspects for a person to be successful in her professional life she involves not only trust in her, but she also believes in its potential for success. 


  • Knowing that you have received good training can help strengthen your insurance. If you lack confidence in certain areas, take steps to reinforce that belief.
  • It is important to know that even if you are confident and if you are successful, failure is a part of the equation. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have all failed before they succeed.

Have a passion for what you do


You can not really succeed professionally unless you are passionate about your job. If you do not like your job, you can not beat yourself up for success.

  • Your job can become a chore for you if you do not like it. This will impinge on the accomplishment of your tasks and the taking of initiatives to succeed 

Do not be afraid to take risks


Changing your career path to success requires taking risks. However, this does not mean that you have to make reckless decisions, on the contrary, you should take calculated risks.


  • The idea is to take a calculated risk, not to do something that would go against your goals. For example, maybe you like your current workplace, but you’ve already gone through all the steps. When a promotion to another company comes up, compare it with your position and assess the risks that your resignation might have on your personal life and your professional life. Whatever path you take, you take a calculated risk.

Be a good communicator


If your workplace is becoming more team-oriented, more service-oriented, more diverse and more employee-focused, the ability to communicate effectively and positively with colleagues is absolutely essential for your organization. Being an excellent communicator requires you to be attentive, polite and able to express your gratitude.


Engage in good working relationships


Not having good professional relationships with your co-workers could hinder your success. It is therefore important to strengthen and gradually increase your professional support system.


  • Collaborating is a way to maintain good working relationships. Having a large network of colleagues and even friends who you trust will serve you in your current job, but it will also help former colleagues or those going through difficult times.
  • Do not expect to be perfect or expect your colleagues to be perfect. This can seriously and negatively affect your working relationships and career success.
  • Know that you can go wrong, especially if you have to maintain your business connections. It just proves that you are stronger.